Given the forum thread below, perform the classification using the following tagset.

Given each post of the thread, give it one or more tags.


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Round 1:

GarryBeck: I have Windows 10, version 1511, OS Build 10586.1106. For the past year I have tried to upgrade from this without success. Upgrades download OK but on installing only get to 85 - 93 % and then on restart install previous version of windows (the 1511 version) I have Windows update assistant installed. Any help or advice on this would be most welcome. Garry

Round 2:

PA Bear - MS MVP: >> I have Windows 10, version 1511, OS Build 10586.1106 Please answer-by-number, preferably without quoting my post: 1. When (approx. date) did you purchase the computer? 2. Did the computer come with Win10 preinstalled, did you do a clean install of Win10, or did you upgrade a Win7 computer or a Win8.1 computer [<=PICK ONE!] to Win10? 3. Who manufactured the computer (e.g., Dell; HP; Acer; Lenovo; ASUS)? 4. Has a Norton application or a McAfee application EVER been installed on the computer since you bought it? 5. Have you ever run the Norton Removal Tool and/or the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool? 6. Is it the same computer - not the same problem - as in your 19 February 2016 thread? ..

Round 3:

GarryBeck: Hi, 1. 2013 2.Upgraded from Windows 8.1 3. Custom built by Cyberpower. 4. Norton Internet Security 5. Yes, Norton 6. Yes

Round 4:

PA Bear - MS MVP: 1. When (exact date) does your current Norton subscription expire (or auto-renew)? 2. In File Explorer [WinKey+E], navigate to & right-click on: Select PROPERTIES: What's the CREATED date displayed on the resulting GENERAL tab? 3. When (approx. date) was the last time you downloaded & ran the Norton Removal Tool (not the Norton Uninstall and Reinstall tool)? 4. Has the Anniversary Update (i.e., Win10 1607) or the Creators Update (i.e., Win10 1703) ever been offered to the computer via Windows Update? [<=that's JUST a question, NOT a suggestion!] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: Windows 10 version 1511 end of service for Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB) will occur on 10 October 2017. See

Round 5:

GarryBeck: Hi, 1. 20th September 2018 2. 15th October 2015 3. Cannot remember, but not in last 6 months. 4. Yes, both been offered and failed to install as well. Garry

Round 6:

PA Bear - MS MVP: Assuming you (auto-)renewed your Norton subscription a few weeks ago... If you (a) uninstall the Norton application, (b) download/run the Norton Removal Tool (followed by a reboot), (c) make certain that Windows Defender & Firewall are both enabled, (d) do a clean install of the Norton application (without enabling/installing ANY toolbars or add-ons for the time being!), and then (e) reset Windows Update using the script (BAT file) in this tutorial (followed by another reboot), does Anniversary Update or Creators Update successfully install when you run a manual check for updates? • HOW TO Run a manual check for updates in Win10

Round 7:

GarryBeck: Hi, Cannot run the Norton Removal tool, coming up saying the version I have has expired. Garry